Barragem do Rio da Mula

🚘 40min from Lisbon
⏰ 1-3 hours

I know a great place where you can escape the upcoming heat. It’s a hike near the Mula River Dam in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. It’s perfect for taking a leisurely walk with your dog.

There are a few different trails you can try:

  1. Take a short 20-30 minute walk around the lake. While your dog might be able to go for a swim, it's important to note that swimming is prohibited for people.
  2. You can make the walk longer by following the creek (more like a small stream) on the other side of the lake from the dam. The path is shaded by trees, and you might catch the pleasant smell of eucalyptus in some places. Walking along the river is easy, and you can turn back whenever you want.

  3. Another option is a 5 km walk that leads to a lookout tower. This trail goes uphill, and there are some parts with no shade, so take some water with you.

Portu Venturas @PortuVenturas